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All abilities, ages and formats of cycling are catered for. All are welcome at our weekly club night or our club runs. We like to train hard but we are also a social club, we love nice tea and coffee, we are very often seen in countrysides cafes.


Nobody gets left behind at our club. If you're struggling or have mechanical issues then we will wait and assist you if needed.


Weekly Club Runs/Training




Club Run,10am, meet at Pigot Arms Pattingham, Steady paced (14mph ave) ride for 3-4 hours, with a cafe stop



Club Run, 8:15am, meet at Codsall lights (Junction of Histons Hill, Wolverhampton Road, Elliots Lane). This is a set 33 mile(approx) loop. During winter this is a steady paced (14-15 mph ave) with a cafe stop. Many club riders go on to eat some more miles up after the cafe stop.


This route is perfect for new riders and has stops along the way to allow people to catch up. Please contact us for a copy or GPX of the route.


During summer months, when the pace picks up, this group splits into two groups - Steady (14-15 mph ave) or Faster group (18mph + ave).



Many club riders ride during the week and on Sundays. Once you are signed up, invite yourself along to the other sessions, you will be more than welcome !


During winter we recommend the use of mudguards, this stops you and the group getting filthy. In the long run saves on washing powder and fixing your washing machine.


We also do not ride, if the roads are full of snow or icy the dangers speak for themselves. 



Bradmore Community Centre

Birches Barn Road


West Midlands


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