Wolverhampton Racing Cycling Club
                          Wolverhampton Racing Cycling Club 

Club History


Founded in 1938 in its 75th year Wolverhampton racing cycling club was formed from a rebellion against the national cyclists union (NCU) by Percy Stallard and Syd Thompson.The NCU was the sports main body at the time and prohibited road racing which was illegal by law. 

Stallard who competed in three world championships on the road abroad, wanted to bring road racing to British roads, defied the NCU and initiated the Llangollen to Wolverhampton road race.

Some of those who took part later forming the Midland league of Racing Cyclists,later becoming the British League of Racing Cyclists and who are now at present British Cycling. Without these pioneers there wouldn't be any road races in the UK today. 

The first road race held on open roads in mainland Britain, from Llangollen to Wolverhampton in1942, was soon followed by another event, the Circuit of the Wrekin in Shropshire, won by Ernie Clements (Wolverhampton RCC).

With the subsequent formation of the British League of Racing Cyclists (BLRC) later that year, this Circuit of the Wrekin automatically became the oldest and what might be described as the first BLRC Road Classic.



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